We believe in the importance of weight training alongside cardiovascular training to achieve optimum muscle, heart and respiratory health. We design customized training programs and provide encouragement, motivation and accountability for each client. Our goal is to keep you safe by teaching you proper form and educating you as we guide you through your exercise program. We encourage you to perform a workout that may exceed what you would do on your own. Aspects of our personal training service include weight loss, strength training, power and performance training, balance and flexibility, and injury recovery. During your complimentary consultation, we will develop a program based around one or more of these aspects to meet your needs. We welcome clients of all ages and abilities. We have experience training teens to seniors.

{30 and 60 minutes}


We provide the same encouragement, motivation and accountability for each client in our small groups of two or more participants. This is a fun way to achieve the benefits of an exercise program while training with others, allowing us to make it more cost effective for you.

{60 minutes}


TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Training, and is designed for all levels of fitness. It is a suspension style training that leverages gravity and the participant’s body weight to complete hundreds of different exercises. The use of your body weight develops strength, flexibility, and stability of the core muscles concurrently. You are in control of each exercise at all times as you decide how much you want to challenge yourself by changing the angles and movement of your body. The Plus in TRX Plus allows participants to gain extra ground by utilizing weight machines and free weights.

This class is offered in both group and individual settings for all ages.

{30 or 60 minute private sessions and 60 minutes classes}


This cardiovascular strength-training class is designed to provide you with a total body workout. You will gain strength, balance, flexibility and endurance . Accomodates all fitness levels.

{60 minutes; minimum 3 participants}


Mat Pilates focuses on developing and improving strength, flexibility, balance, control, stamina, and muscular symmetry. Utilizing the principles of Joseph Pilates, students use breathing patterns and spinal alignment to perform exercises that address the deep muscles of the core while elongating and toning muscles.

{30 minutes}

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